Wheeled Smudgepot
Wheeled Smudgepot

Wheeled Smudgepot

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This is for our deluxe Smudgepot that includes 8” metal caster wheels and handle for easy moving. 



These are custom MADE TO ORDER once paid in full. We can put your name or your logo etc on the chimney. The logo area is on two sides (same artwork on both sides, one design) and can be up to 6” wide and 30” long. There are some limitations on what artwork can be put on these. Please email us AFTER PURCHASE any drawings or artwork you may have at stumpfabricationllc@gmail.com

PLEASE NOTE: The included artwork is the same on both sides of the chimney. 

They burn a variety of fuels including oil, waste oil, Diesel, Kerosene, cooking oils, etc. They put off a lot of heat without having to deal with wood and cleanup or smell from a wood fire.

The integrated chimney flue we install allows the Smudgepot to be extinguished quickly and easily, unlike most Smudgepots. 

Our Smudgepots only come in raw/uncoated/unpainted steel. They are made from heavy 11 gage steel, and welded solid. They are around 58” tall, and the lower tank is 22”x22” square (not including the feet). They will hold a little over 10 gallons when full, and typically burn at a rate of .75 gallons/hour, depending on how open you set the carburetor. Our Smudgepots weigh around 90 pounds empty. 

Pickup in Lilburn only. Typical lead time is 1-2 weeks, depending on our work load.